To all Geofront Internet Solutions customers:

After over 19 years of providing web hosting, design and domain name services to the public, we've found ourselves at a place that we were never expecting to be. Geofront will be ending its server hosting and domain name services on January 31, 2017. It's been a rough decision for me, but with all the situations that are coming to a head here, it's going to be the best decision in the long run.



A little background into what happened:

For those that don't know, the parent company that provides our server and domain name hosting, NTT America, sold its Verio Web Hosting business to a third party in late 2015. In the process of selling the hosting business, the new owners made some significant changes to the hosting system, including eliminating the current FreeBSD server setup, which the Geofront servers use for its operating system. They also informed the current Verio customers that they would be working to migrate all of the old servers to the new company's servers.

The New Verio spent a year attempting to get the old Verio servers moved to the new servers, but the process didn't work. The old Verio administration system is no longer available (as of November 28th), so updating things like domain names and DNS has been sporatic, since the New Verio reportedly can't migrate the FreeBSD-based servers. This has caused some significant delays in backing up and transferring things for our customers.

The New Verio was suppsoed to transfer all of the files, websites, emails, etc., to the new servers, but that has not happened. In mid-December 2016, they informed us that they were unable to transfer the FreeBSD servers and then put that responsibility on us as they have basically refused to help in any way to get things up and running on one of their new Linux-based servers.

As of this note, one of the old Verio servers is currently having stability issues, so there are going to be a bunch of things that are down and I have sporattic access to see about fixing things. We have support requests in to get these issues resolved, but that is taking way more time than it should. We've lost nameserver settings on some domains. We've had domains fall into expired status, despite there being reqirements by the New Verio to keep all domains registered though this transition.

The larger looming issue is that the transfer between the Old Verio and the New Verio is supposed to be completed by January 16th. At that point, the old system will be deactivated. I'm not sure if that's going to happen on that date. They've postponed the final deactivation at least 3 times, but I'm suspecting that this is probably going to be the last time they will have for this.



No matter what happens, there's a bigger scenario looming. With our current situation, I can no longer support the financial needs of the server business. That said, once I have access to things like domain registrations and the like, I will need to work with folks that have sites on the Geofront servers to find new hosting arrangements. I'll work with folks to transfer their domains to new registrars and help get the websites to their new homes.

Just to let all of our customers know, we have downloaded copies of all the website files as well as the MySQL databases on the servers. Unfortunately, any emails on the old servers that haven't been backed up by the email account owners will be lost once they turn the old Verio servers off. If you need to keep emails, please save those locally to your computers.

I hope everyone that has had stuff on the servers has had a relatively good hosting experience (outside of this last year, which has been rough all around with this painful migration). I wish everyone the best of luck with their new hosting.

If anyone has questions, feel free to email me at and I can do what I can to answer any questions.


Tim Georgi
Skyfall Communications LLC

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